• Ideal Cutting Compound
  • Increase in Vascularity
  • Perfect for Fat Loss


What it does

Megatren is an advanced product for the advanced bodybuilder. Megatren has the ability to yield incredible results in strength and size whilst also being cleverly formulated to help burn visceral and subcutaneous fat. This compound is best suited for those looking to cut whilst retaining and building muscle.

What is it and how does it effect you?

Megatren combines two well dosed hard hitting prohormones hexadrone & stanodrol. Hexadrone is an non methylated compound which means it does not effect the liver in the same way that other prohormones can do and is highly bio available. This means it is already active potentially meaning gaining quicker results compared to a compound the body would have to convert.

This is a probolic that is a metabolite of naturally occurring testosterone metabolite DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It requires a two-step conversion (via 3b-HSD and 17b-HSD). With stanodrol you should expect a nice hardening effect, better workout aggression, and a positive effect on libido. One of the great things about this compound is that it works really well and compliments other compounds.

Who should take it?

This product is as mentioned before not for beginners we recommend that you have had moderate experience with compounds of this nature in the past. By this we mean at least one previous cycle of prohormones or extended SARM cycle as the effects from this will be greater but that will come with potentially greater side effects which can however be addressed through on cycle support.

We do not recommend females take this product because of its effects on testosterone availability which could cause unwanted side effects.

We also recommend that no males under the age of 21 take this product and please consult specialist or GP if there are any pre existing medical conditions or medications you are taking.

How to take it?

This particular product has a half life of 10-16 hours so we recommend 1 tablet twice a day spaced 8 hours apart with food. Advanced users (of 2 or more previous cycles)

This should be repeated for up to 6 weeks

This does not include methylated compounds therefore there is no real need for on cycle support. However we always recommend with extended use should be stacked with on cycle liver support.

Post Cycle Therapy

A full PCT should be taken the day after your last dosage of megatren, this should be done consistently for 4 weeks. With the nature of this compound we provisionally recommend taking 10 weeks off all types of androgens after your PCT to optimise your recovery.

PCT should include:

  • Clomedex
  • Ultimate PCT


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