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With advanced users in mind, German Pharmaceuticals have delivered a new and improved formula for the highly demanded Androstebol. If the previous dosage of 3 mg of androstebol wasn’t enough, this dosage has now been up to 5 mg, with the addition of two unique ingredients, which means your gains from androstebol have never been this powerful, up until now:

  1. i) Turkesterol, 75 mg – a highly researched insect sterol that studies have shown is the most researched anabolic from the class of ecdysteroids.
  2. ii) Hexadrone, 35 mg – a non-methylated pro hormone, which requires no conversion into a steroid once consumed and has zero conversion to estrogen, meaning this is a pro hormone with less side effects, including gynecomastia.

What to expect from androstebol?

This cycle offers promising increases in strength and weight gain, so if an increase in size and mass is what you’re looking to gain from a cycle, androstebol is a specialty in this region.

Who should take it?

As the compound is a derivative of DHT, which develops muscle and skeletal tissue growth and testosterone production, it is advised that only males take this product, as females may suffer from unwanted side effects from a sudden influx of DHT. These side effect can include unwanted hair loss or growth, a deepening of the voice, and even reproductive issues. For this reason, we do not advocate the use of androstebol for women.

  • It is advised that those under 21 years do not take this product also, as it can hinder natural testosterone production, and may cause issues such as trouble reproducing and an imbalance in hormone levels.

How to take it?  

Only one cap is needed due to the high strength of this product.

Do I need to take anything else?

Androstebol is a strong pro hormone so we would highly recommend using an advanced hormonal recovery agent such as the Ultimate PCT.

As androstebol is more hepatotoxic than other compounds, we would highly recommend using Pure Labs Cycle Shield to give you a full liver support, to protect the prostate and blood pressure.


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