Stop doing the quick fix fad diets now. 

Stop the weight loss plans that are too strict, boring, unrealistic and just don’t work

Stop the hours spent in the gym every day 

Join FABulous Females!


It’s time to be FABulous!

FABulous females is NOT a fad diet.

FABulous Females is about a plan for life.

We are full of the most FABulous women who have the same values, ambition, drive and confidence.

We are not a group.

We are a FAMILY!

What can FABulous Females do for you?


• FABulous Females is about boosting your confidence to make and stick to the changes you make in your life.

• Becoming a FABulous Female is gaining the skills to battle those everyday difficulties that stop you from achieving.

• Being a FABulous Female means you will take control of your weight. You will feel FABulous and take the skills and confidence into other aspects of your life.

• Being a FABulous Female will mean you have the motivation to be proactive about the choices you have to tackle in your life.

• As a FABulous Female you will be surrounded by other FABulous Females. You will never be alone on your journey and will get the support from all around you.


Every Woman can be A FABulous Female.
It’s time to become ONE.

Other Plans


30-day challenge

90-day Challenge

 6-week Boot Camp

 12-week Transformation

21 Day Quick Fix

Have you ever tried one of these fad diets?

Most diets or exercise plans offer a quick fix plan for a short amount of time. The plans are often tailored to be a quick fix weight loss/fitness plan and are not a lifestyle you should follow long term. They rarely offer after support and you soon lose the motivation to keep going with your new lifestyle and end up back at square one. You probably began to gain weight immediately after the plan finished.

So, What Makes

“FABulous Females”



FABulous Females is not a diet. We do not focus on weight loss. We focus on positive thinking. We focus on getting you to believe in yourself. We focus on giving you confidence. We focus on healthy alternatives that will get you to your optimal healthy lifestyle.


The TRUTH is we work with you to create a LIFESTYLE that works for YOU.




























So how do we create REAL “Lifestyle Change”? 

Stop weighing yourself everyday!

Stop focusing on weight loss!

The days of weight watching is over!

Make changes you can manage…

FOCUS on the NOW.

FOCUS on ONE day at a time.

FOCUS on ONE workout.

Working TOGETHER you WILL achieve a healthy weight loss to reach your optimal healthy LIFESTYLE weight.









At FABulous females we won’t promise you instant weight loss results.

We can promise you that we can help you make those INSTANT changes that will make you feel better for the rest of your life.

We aren’t your “go to” quick fix boot camp after Christmas.

We want to be there for your GOOD days and BAD days.

We want to support you when your body’s changing for BETTER or WORSE.

We are your FAMILY.

We want to be your “go to” person EVERY DAY of your life,


Whether you’re new to this…

Whether you want to lose weight…

Whether you want to maintain your weight… 

…or anywhere in between

…The Fabulous Females Lifestyle will take you from 

where you are now to where you want to be! 

Join FABulous Females NOW to learn how to feel good for the rest of your life

Get a 7-day FREE Experience TODAY!


Your FREE 7-Day Experience Includes:

Lifestyle Checklist
You’ll get your FREE lifestyle checklist that you can take with you from day one. Simply aim to complete your Lifestyle Checklist each day. Don’t worry if you’re not perfect every day. This is designed to help you get to the right lifestyle choice. Remember to FOCUS on the NOW. FOCUS on ONE day at a time. FOCUS on ONE workout.
Complete Meal Plan for the Week
Meals you can create quickly and easily. Healthy for all the family. You don’t need to be a professional chef and the meals can be created without spending all day in the kitchen.
Matching Shopping List for the Week
A comprehensive shopping list to fulfil your meal plan. We take into consideration what is usually available at your local Asda, Tesco or Aldi. We want you to spend logically and we want the FABulous Female to only spend a realistic amount a week for 21 meals and 14 snacks.
Complete Healthy Recipe Database with AMAZING yet SIMPLE Recipes
Healthy doesn’t mean compromising your taste buds. Get access to our healthy yet delicious recipes. Just simple, healthy, tasty food!
Exclusive Abs Training Section
Work entirely on your core and stomach. Get the flat stomach you deserve!
Fat Melting Cardio Programs
Fat burning cardio plans that will keep your heart rate in the perfect fat burning zone.
Mixing up your exercises keeps things fresh and interesting. With a NEW Workout plan for every day, you’ll never have to think about what to do again!
Tutorial Video for EVERY Exercise on Your Plan
“What on Earth is that?” Don’t worry! You’ll be able to learn the BEST techniques for all exercises from a fitness professional.
Fitness FACTS
Get the real knowledge behind exercises and the best ways to get fit. FABulous Females are here to work together and stay together. We give you the TRUTH about what works and what doesn’t.
Dozens of At-Home-Workouts
Not everyone has access to the gym every day. We have you covered. We have a huge selection of workouts you can do at home or the gym. No Gym Membership Required. Fit it in when you can.
Eat Out Guide
There’s no need to give up eating out. We regularly update the best places to eat that offer great food that’s still helping you be a FABulous Female.
Lifelong FABulous Females Friendships
Use your free 7-day experience as an opportunity to ask other FABulous Females about their experience and get advice from women who are on the same journey you are!
Customer Only Exclusive Accountability Group
In the FABulous Females community, you will get to engage with women who actively participate to help motivate, encourage, and inspire each other!

…ALL This is in your first FREE week.



When you sign up monthly you’ll get all these and regular updates on a regular basis.


– New Meal Plan Updated per week, with your shopping list

– Healthy Recipes with cooking tutorials

– Eating out menu Ideas


– Customer only Exclusive accountability Group

– Lifelong FABulous Female Friendship


– New workout per week

– Dozens of workouts, workouts at home or the gym.

– New workouts updated every week

– Tutorial videos, step by step guidance


– Daily motivational tips

– Daily check-ins to keep you focused

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Become a FABulous Female NOW

ONLY £24.99 a month

Wherever you’re from

Wherever you are in your life

Wherever you’re going.

We make all females feel FABulous.

No doubt you have a lot of questions about how we can meet your needs to be a FABulous Female. Here are some What if… questions we have already answered.
What if it’s complicated? I’ve tried the strict diets they don’t work for me.
As we said, this is not a diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE change. The TRUTH is you will have the full support from all FABulous Females to help you get to what you want to achieve. It’s not restrictive and the complications are worked out together to make it as simple for you to follow as possible.
What if I believe you and this works? There’s got to be a catch!????
There’s no catch… no gimmicks… you get a FREE 7 day experience and after that it’s only £24.99 a month to be a member. Our testimonials show you that this plan works. If there is a catch, then the catch is you have to put the work in to get the results. We never said becoming a FABulous Female was easy. We work TOGETHER to make it as easy as possible. You WILL have SUPPORT and MOTIVATION every day.
What if I'm already following a different meal plan/workout plan, can I just supplement or use the part of your program I need?
Of course you can, but WHY??? We provide everything you need to change your LIFESTYLE for the better. If there are workouts or meals you like then this can be incorporated into your FABulous Female plan.
What if I’m a vegetarian or have an allergy?
No Problem! You can substitute the meat with your favourite alternative. We also provide alternatives to allergies with your shopping list.
What if I don’t want to lose weight? How can you help?
We are a LIFESTYLE PLAN, not a diet plan. If you want to TONE UP then we will help you, If you want to MAINTAIN then we can help you. We tailor each plan to each individual. There will be others following a similar path that can SUPPORT and MOTIVATE you along your journey.
What if I don't like one of the recipes or workouts?
Easy! SWITCH IT. Your LIFESTYLE PLAN is for YOU. If you don’t like it, substitute it when needed.
What if I fall off the plan? Can I get back on track?
ABSOLUTELY! Talk to other FABulous females to get that motivation back. Use Quick Meals to get you back in the mood to cook healthily again. As we said we have good days and bad days so use us and others to get yourself back on track. REMEMBER – We’re your “go to” person!
What if I’ve tried a billion things before – I just know it won’t work for me!
That’s because you’re not a FABulous Female yet. We work with you to get that confidence that will turn that WON’T into a WILL. SMALL changes = BIG progress. REMEMBER – FOCUS on the NOW. FOCUS on ONE day at a time. FOCUS on ONE workout. With daily SUPPORT and MOTIVATION from FABulous Females, you WILL be FABulous in no time!
What if I have a family? I don’t have the time to do different meals for everyone!
All our Meals, Recipe and shopping lists are created for one person – YOU. However, they are simple to make for everyone. Just double, triple, or quadruple the shopping list. None of the plans call for additional supplements. Everything is 100% safe for anyone or can be replaced if they have a specific food allergy.
What if I struggle with Cravings? How is this going to help me fight my cravings?
The TRUTH is – You are going to get cravings. You may not want to hear that but it’s true. Our body gets cravings when it is lacking or missing something. When we change our LIFESTYLE our body knows this. If it recognises what’s missing it will respond, whether it’s a psychological craving or physical craving. We WILL show you how to beat your cravings once and for all. Once you start eating the right foods, Your BODY and BRAIN will begin to recognise these are the important foods. Once you’re a FABulous Female your BODY and BRAIN will thank you for enjoying a healthier, better LIFESTYLE.
What if I don’t have a gym membership, how am I going to do the workouts?
NO GYM? NO PROBLEM! We provide a load of Home Workouts with video tutorials!
What if I want to cancel my membership? Is there a subscription, commitment, contract, or "cancellation fee"?
You can cancel your experience or membership at any time with zero charges or fees. Simply send an email requesting cancellation and we will help you take care of it.
You have nothing to lose.

You are READY!

Become FABulous NOW!


So, Click the button to start Your New Lifestyle and join FABulous Females for your FREE 7 day experience then only £24.99 a month!

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