DS fitness is a Results based fitness facility for those that expect more from a gym. We offer some amazing workouts that are designed to get you the results you are after. DS Gym is a Personal Training, results-based fitness facility for busy people who demand more from training than just a generic and traditional “gym membership”. Specialising in 1-2-1, Semi – Private (4-2-1) & Large Group PT  (20-2-1) sessions 6 days a week. With additional Nutrition support in various formats to monthly Body Composition Scans to track progress. We at DS Fitness leave nothing to chance to get you results, whatever your goals are.
The main focus of DS Fitness centre is to: • Guide you • Motivate you • Encourage you Above all give you the programs and knowledge you need to reach your goals, in a friendly and rewarding environment. It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are, we will improve your level of fitness and help you reach your goals.

Book to come and see us If you are not already a member why not book a visit now where we can talk you through the benefits and facilities we can offer you, or book to come in and experience DS centre for yourself.

Our Programmes
With our ‘Personalised fitness for life’ promise, we’ll guide you through our unique, tailored programmes that will help you fit exercise, nutrition and relaxation into your lifestyle in a realistic and fun way, so you get the most out of life – and the best value and the best results.

The Ultimate guide to fitness Is a one-month course, designed to teach you the essentials of Training, Nutrition and Supplements. This guide is  for anyone that thinks getting fit is complicated or intimidating. DS Fitness makes it easy to achieve the results you desire. Fitness made simple, one workout at a time – one challenge at a time. Diane will present you with exciting challenges aimed at your level of fitness. You will learn:

  • How to make wise choices
  • To manage a busy lifestyle, so you can train
  • You will understand the ins and outs of Smart Training, Fitness, Nutrition and Supplementation.
  • Our advisors will provide all the sound information and guidance you need to change your Health, Life and Fitness.

You will receive

  • Personalised Workout plans
  • Expert Instruction
  • The laws of Weight Loss
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Motivational Tips
  • Unlimited choice of classes from the DS fitness timetable
  • The Unlimited use of the gym
  • DS unlimited spinning sessions

After 30 days you will know how to train with Barbells, Machines and your Body Weight.

DS Gym fitness centre Barrow
DS fitness centre Gym Barrow
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30-day Shortcut to Shred

  • Gain results that speak for themselves. Shortcut to shred offers you the best tried and tested classes and workouts available and sound nutrition principles to transform you!
  • Follow the advice form Diane and you will surprise everyone, especially yourself.

Shortcut to shred offers:

  • The best classes around, that are tried and tested to make sure you have the best experience and the greatest results in the allotted time.
  • A Personalised program to shred.
  • In depth training guidance, so you can Shred Fat and Build muscle
  • Nutrition, Weight Loss and Supplement Guidance.

See results that speak for themselves – a new definition of training

weight loss at DS gym one month
weight loss at DS gym three month
weight loss at DS gym six month

The Total Body Fix Includes:

  • This comprehensive Body Fix program is for anyone—man or woman, beginner or advanced exerciser — who is ready to work out, train smart, and achieve a dream healthy lean body.
  • The Total Body Fix includes workouts with technique guidance from fitness expert Diane Singleton.
  • The ultimate guide to training for lean muscle!
  • This is the perfect balance of weights and cardio to burn fat and gain lean, defined muscle. If this is your first program, it will change everything. If you’re a seasoned lifter, you’ll still be amazed at what you can achieve!
  • An informed Nutrition and Supplement Plan
  • A personalised Meal plan and an amazing, healthy, tasty recipe eBooks.
  • Succeed in the gym and in the kitchen with these easy-to-follow nutrition plans, all packed with great-tasting meals! You’ll get a complete meal plan, delicious recipes, and real-world nutrition advice. You will also receive specific recommendations on what supplements have been shown to work for your goals!


To discuss membership options or to book classes contact support@dsfitnesscentregym.co.uk, call 01229 877770 or 07766162544


  • Gym Only Monthly pass
  • Personalised Gym Programmes ( with an initial assessment)
  • Full Time Student Monthly Pass (includes Unlimited Classes and Gym Sessions)
  • Unlimited Monthly Classes Pass
  • Weekly Workout Pass
  • 13 Session Pass Only
  • Single session
  • Back to back sessions
DS Fitness Member for everything Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Supplement, Results and Health related only £14.99 a month. A fantastic resource to help you achieve your goals. – Fitness, – Mindset – Health – Motivation – Weight loss – Nutrition – Training tips – Workouts – Correct form – Exercise library – Q and A
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Book to come and see us If you are not already a member why not book a visit now where we can talk you through the benefits and facilities we can offer you, or book to come in and experience DS centre for yourself.

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