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Body shock professional treatment


Body shock is a treatment that is 100% adaptable to your needs. It acts on the 6 strategic areas of the body: legs, abdomen and sides, buttocks, arms, double chin and breasts.

The body shock treatment consists of a first phase based on 10 salon sessions. More than one area can be treated in a single session to obtain more defined body contours in just 5 weeks.

The second treatment phase consists of application of the maintenance products for home use during and after the professional treatment.

Body shock – medical skin care

Objective: Firmer breasts and buttocks

Result: Radical change in 5 weeks

Body shock treatment for breasts and buttocks


The skin of the bust area is considerably thinner and more delicate and fragile than in other areas of the body. Therefore its care is of vital importance, both for prevention purposes and to improve its appearance. The buttocks area is one that most shows the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. As this weakens the muscles and makes the zone more likely to exhibit signs of flaccidity and poor tone.

Both areas are made up of glands, fibres and fatty tissues which, over years, tend to change their shape and density. Therefore this can lead to signs of flaccidity. This effect is not caused just by the passage of time; rather there are multiple factors that affect the tissue:



Lose tone and elasticity due to hormonal changes, breastfeeding or passage of time, resulting in loss of firmness.


Abdomen and sides

A loss of firmness of the tissue and localised fat accumulation on both the front and side regions occurs.



Prone to retain fluids and fat nodules, creating cellulite.



Exhibit loss of firmness and signs of sagging.



Loss of firmness occurs, mostly visible in the area of the triceps, causing easily visible sagging tissue.

 Double chin

Shows signs of sagging due to excess adipose tissue based on genetics or premature ageing due to sun exposure.


Bodyshock push-up

Mesoestetic, as part of its bodyshock line for reshaping body contours, has developed bodyshock push-up, a firming cream. This is for the breasts and buttocks and serves as a home treatment to complement the professional salon treatment.

Bodyshock push-up has been specifically formulated to stimulate the skin of the breasts and buttocks. This helps make it synthesise and optimise its own natural systems, treating the principal root cause of flaccidity.

The firming, toning and tensing active ingredients of bodyshock push-up act in synergy with the professional treatment to restore firmness and turgidity to the treated areas.


Professional treatment

The basis of treatment in the aesthetician’s office is the application of professional products formulated with high concentrations of active principles. This is combined with 6 massages developed exclusively by Mesoestetic to enhance penetration of active principles and increase treatment effectiveness.

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